Theo Bothma is the founder and Managing Director of Theo Bothma Architects & Design (TBAD). Theo gained experience in high-end luxury architecture and interior design and was most recently a Senior Architect and Senior Interior designer at one of the largest high-end luxury firms in Southern Africa. Here he assumed the lead design and project architect role on several diverse high end residential architecture and interior design projects with contract values up to R200m in several different countries. Theo is the head of new projects and the creative director at TBAD.


THEO BOTHMA ARCHITECTS & DESIGN explores the boundaries of technology as a tool to represent and test multiple ideas in a format that our clients can clearly understand. Our objective is to offer a return to personal relationships and craft delivering innovative, timeless and contemporary thinking design. TBAD believes in architecture that organizes, understands and gives meaning to the experiences and latest architectural concepts. TBAD’s core objective of architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at design problems and transform limitations

into possibilities.