Toronto’s Echo House Marries Asian and Canadian Influences

Located on a two acre lot in Toronto, the Echo House project includes a renovation and addition to better suit a city-dwelling family’s modern lifestyle. The family hired Paul Raff Studio to design a harmonious residence that would pay homage to their Asian Canadian heritage, resulting in a spacious, tranquil home with a connection to the surroundings.

The ecologically sustainable renovation of the existing home was a radical overhaul that created an open, light-filled interior that opens up to the lush landscape. The exterior was given a new envelope complete with high-performance insulation that, along with the new efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation system, reduces the home’s energy usage by more than 50%.

One of the most notable changes resides on the front creating a bold entrance forecourt. A series of reclaimed douglas fir screens help provide privacy for the guest rooms while keeping views of the garden. The three-dimensional screens use dark metal fasteners which give nod to traditional craftsmanship of Korean antiques.

The front exterior is clad in a mix of materials for a more dramatic look, including Algonquin limestone and dark raked stucco.

Photos by Steve Tsai and Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

Original article DESIGN MILK: https://design-milk.com/torontos-echo-house-marries-asian-and-canadian-influences/

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