TBAD returns to natural elements.

In a fast-paced world that has been driven by mass production and artificial materials, there is an intense backlash. Organic and Natural have become the keywords as we enter this new era. Our philosophy is similar, and we have gone back to the roots of architecture and design, using authentic, natural materials that come from sustainable sources.

Natural materials are far better for the environment as they require minimal processing and they last far longer than artificial materials. Most homeowners are following in this direction, realising that while this may initially be more expensive, the saving will come through with reduced maintenance and extended lifecycle.

Some of the key materials we use at TBAD include:

1. Raw Concrete

2. Raw and textured wood.

3. Natural stone

4. Natural Steel – Mild Steel

5. Rusted Steel

“We are going back to basics, going back to nature and bringing that into our homes” Theo Bothma

In a fast-paced world driven by technology, it is essential that we have balance in our lives and nature is the answer. Natural materials create a feeling of wellbeing that no artificial materials can achieve.

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