TBAD designs with the future in mind.

Architecture, like everything else, is developing in this ever-changing world, where almost everything is being influenced by technology. This means that architects have had to adapt, and we have spent a long time researching these dynamic changes and how to apply them to homes. It is essential to ensure that our homes are future proof and at least future-ready.

Interior spaces are becoming connected, meaning we have more control over how our home operates both in it and away from home. Most people refer to this “connected home” as Home automation, and it includes the integration of elements such as Sound systems, lighting controls and of course all this linked to the security.

Technology and data continue to get more affordable, meaning what was only an aspiration for most homeowners is now a real option. It is essential when building a new home or even undergoing a significant renovation that these elements are taken into consideration. This will ensure that you don’t have to outlay more money down the line.

This is a critical aspect for TBAD and something we continue to research; we believe in beautiful structure and interiors that are as aesthetically pleasing as well as being Tech Ready.

Theo Bothma – Founder & Managing Director TBAD.

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